Events in Municipality Majdanpek in 2020


1.  ’’FEMALE PAINTERS’’  20 April ,Majdanpek-  The International Exhibition which promotes female painting, the concerts and other following entertainment happenings. Participating artists from the country and the world in the categories: painting, sculpture, graphics, drawing and digital art.
Organizer: The Culture Center, Majdanpek; telephone +381(0)30 584 056; e-mail: 

2. ’’EASTER DAYS OF FOLK DANCE’’  20 April - Crnajka -  This festival includes the presentation of folk customs and plays which is traditionally organized on the second day of Easter. Beside the representative part of folk groups from the country and foreign countries, the folk days also include the different competitions in attractive and forgotten shepards' games (carrying an egg in the spoon).

Organizer: KUD "Deli Jovan", Crnajka; telephone:+381 (0)63 657 682; e-mail: 

3.  GUITAR FESTIVAL ’’GOLDEN NOTE“  24 – 25 April – Donji Milanovac –  International Guitar Festival includes the competitions in the category of elementary schools and the students of the Academy of Music, the concerts of domestic and foreign artists on the guitar, as well as music seminars.

Organizer:  East Serbia guitar association, Donji Milanovac; phone +381 (0)63 459 829; email:

4. ’’LILAC FESTIVAL’’ 01 May – Miroc The festival of flowers and domestic customs is organized in order to preserve ethnic heritage from the Eastern part of Serbia. Lilac Festival has a competitive character, and the organizer of youth and adult selections of Folk groups gives awards to the best vocal and instrumental interpreters. The important part of Lilac Festival is the all-around competition which includes throwing the horseshoe, throwing the mace, shooting an arrow at the apple, jumping.

Organizer: Local Community Miroc; telephone: +381 (0)30 476 50 , e-mail:

5. "PLASINTIJADA" 23 May - Rudna Glava –   This festival aims to preserve the tradition and customs of this region. Plasintijada has a competitive part in the preparation of plasinte(Vlachs cheese pie) and swift knitting, performances of cultural and artistic societies with original folk music and an exhibition part in which national handcrafts and old use items are exhibited.
Organizer: Women association Vredne vlajne, Rudna Glava: telephone: +381 (0)62 15 80 700


6. ’’COUNTRY SPORTS OLYMPICS“  last weekend of May – Rudna Glava - This is the traditional manifestation of physical education and sports competitions (table tennis, volleyball, football, chess), old shepards’ games.

Organizer: The Sports Union   Majdanpek; telephone: +381 (0)30 581 259; e-mail:

7. ’’FESTIVAL OF ORIGINAL MUSIC AND GAMES - SVETA TROJICA - FIMI 2020’’  08 June - Topolnica -  Traditional festival of original folk music with a rich cultural,artistic and sports program .

Organizer: Local community Topolnica, KUD ''Amater" Topolnica ; telephone:+381 (0)63 741 8447 , e-mail:

8. ’’DANUBE DAY’’  29 June – Donji Milanovac – This event is officially accepted in 2004 as the integral part of co-operation of all the countries which signed the International Convention for the Protection of the Danube in order to raise consciousness among people to protect the environment and to appeal on the rational use of water resources.The initiator of this event is The International Commission for the protection of the River Danube  consisting of 13 representatives from the Danubian countries and the European Union.

Organizer: Tourism Organization of Majdanpek community, Donji Milanovac; telephone/fax: +381 (0)30 590184 e-mail

 9. THE FESTIVAL OF CHILDREN’S AND POP MUSIC FOR THE YOUNG ‘’TEEN’’ 10 - 11 July – DONJI MILANOVAC – 41. festival. The music festival which cherishes children’s and teenage music, and for that reason it is specific in the whole country. The festival is of the international and competitive character and importance. 

Organizer: The Culture Center Donji Milanovac; telephone: +381 (0)30 590 203, e-mail:

10. ’’FESTIVAL OF FOLKLORE AND MUSIC - MOSNA 2020’’  30 July - Mosna - 10. festival  Traditional festival of folklore and original folk music with a rich cultural and artistic program .

Organizer: Local Community Mosna ; telephone: , e-mail:

11.POREC KETTLE’’ 01 AugustDonji Milanovac - This is the competition in preparing fish broth and fish stew in a traditional way.

Organizer: The Culture Center, Donji Milanovac; telephone: +381 (0)30 590 203, e-mail;

12. "BACIJA JASIKOVA" 04 August – Jasikovo  – The Culture and Old Customs Festival of Vlach. There is also the performance of Culture and Art Folk Groups with authentic folk dance.

Organizer: Local Community Jasikovo, telephone: +381 (0)64 8764 981 , e-mail; 

13. ’’INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF FOLKLORE DANCE - ''MAJDANFEST''  07-08 August , Majdanpek - The Festival is organized with the aim of preserving and extending the cultural tradition from the territory of Eastern Serbia and beyond and gathering folklore groups from our country as well as from the neigbouring Danube countries.

Organizer: The Culture Center, Majdanpek; telephone +381(0)30 584 056; e-mail: 

14. ’’DANI PREOBRAZENJA - KLOKOCEVAC 2020’’  19 August - Klokocevac -  Traditional event  with a rich cultural and artistic program.

Organizer: Local Community Klokocevac, KUD "Cobanica'' Klokocevac ; telephone:+381 (0)60 7557702 , e-mail: 

15. "EUROPE CUP and IRON GATE SAILING CUP’’ in the second half of August – Donji Milanovac – The International competition in rafting for all Olympic classes and the class Optimist. The regatta takes place according to the official competing calendar. The regatta follows the Regatte Rules and the regatta is planned during particular days.

Organizer: AJK BELGRADE Belgrade, Bežanijski zimovnik, Tel: +381 (0)11 3114 997; Fax: ; e-mail:  Tourism Organization of Majdanpek community, Donji Milanovac; telephone/fax: +381 (0)30 590184 e-mail

16. 20 YEARS OF MAJDANART Jubilee of the Association for Arts,Culture and Tourism, 05-25 September - Art jewelry exhibitions,artist photos,watercolors,oil paintings, screenings of design art workshops,jewelry.. .

For 20 years,MajdanArt has promoted tourism through the visual arts. Since 2020, MajdanArt has been promoting visual art through tourism ...

Organizer: “Majdanart”,Majdanpek, telephone:+381(0)63 326955 e-mail:   

17. "LETS SAVE THE BAGPIPES AND OLD FOLK DANCE FROM OBLIVION'' 19 September, Majdanpek  – The revue performance of the Culture and Art Folk Groups and Bagpipers. The Culture and Art Folk Groups from the whole Serbia participate in order to turn this manifestation into the international festival.

Organizer: Local Community Rudna Glava,KUD „Rudna Glava“; telefon: +381 (0)30 2100 233; +381 (0) 63 398 086 ,e-mail:    

18. NEW YEAR'S FAIR "CULTURE, EDUCATION AND CREATIVITY" second half of December, Majdanpek  - Promotion of new books, editions and other publishing projects.

Organizer: The Culture Center, Majdanpek; telephone +381(0)30 584 056; e-mail: 

Valja Prerast

Valja Prerast

Valja Prerast, natural stone bridge, under the protection of the state, represents a natural monument of great importance. It is located about 12km from Majdanpek.


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