Tourist info center Donji Milanovac


Tourist info center Donji Milanovac is situated in the center of the town near the bus station and the quay. It began to work on June 1, 2009 with the aim to give information to all tourists and visitors, not only from Donji Milanovac and Majdanpek, but also to all tourists who enter our country from the borderline crossing of Romania and Bulgaria.

The tourist info center has the reception where guests have at their disposal personel with the knowledge of English. The tourists can receive the tourist promotion material and information about the tourist offer of this region and Serbia, according to the cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Serbia. Beside the information, the tourists can book  accommodation in private houses. There is also internet space and the souvenir shop on the premises of TIC.

Beli Izvorac

Beli Izvorac

The monument of nature, 'tufa accumulation'  Beli izvorac» is significant because of its excellence and preservation as geomorphological object surface...


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