Beli Izvorac

The monument of nature, 'tufa accumulation'  Beli izvorac» is significant because of its excellence and preservation as geomorphological object surface relief. In the valley of Beli izvorac there exists two tufa accumulation different ages deposites one over the another. This natural resource have a many of shapes, phenomen and proccess, that the watercourse of Beli izvorac had formed in the deposited layers of tufa downstream of source Beli izvorac.

A relatively small area (about 300 m) there is a waterfall, high 16 m. Below the waterfall, plungh throught the water bigar, have formed a cave chanell long 13 m, wide  4 m, open on both side. Depositemation of tufa in the cave, are created pure white stalactites.

Downstream of fall,in the strambed, there is a lot of tufa's barriers, which they were created tufa accumulation pond diameter up to 10 m and depth of 2-3 m. Over the barrier, the stream flows in form of riffles and smaller waterfalls,among two of them are 5m high.

Based on geomorphological value,this locality 'tufa accumulation  Beli izvorac' is included in 'Serbian geoheritage inventory'.

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