The river Danube accumulation on the territory of Donji Milanovac basin created good conditions for water rafting. The width of the Danube River which is 2 kilometres and the length of the valley around Donji Milanovac make good conditions for rafting and the organisation of tournaments in this sport. Beside the appropriate water surface the regate field and the northwest wind, the upper part has ideal conditions for the wind surfers and competitors in this sport.



Thanks to these good conditions Donji Milanovac is the center for all competitors from the country and the whole region on the traditional Djerdap Rafting Cup that takes place in the last week of August. 

Beli Izvorac

Beli Izvorac

The monument of nature, 'tufa accumulation'  Beli izvorac» is significant because of its excellence and preservation as geomorphological object surface...


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