Valja Prerast

Valja Prerast, natural stone bridge, under the protection of the state, represents a natural monument of great importance. It is located about 12km from Majdanpek. From the regional road hiking trail is 1300m long. The imposing height to the upper edge of the arc is 44,8m making it the highest in Serbia and the width of its opening at the bottom of the river bed height is 9.7 m. Protected area also includes the beautiful mountain river of the similar name, flowing under it. Together, they form an attractive and important tourist place. 

GPS location : N44 21 43 , E21 59 49


Phone number: +381(0)62 1869 168 , +381(0)63 362 146.

Ticket price:

250,00 din per person, 150,00 din per person for group visits (more than 10 people).

Working hours:

Monday - Sunday 09.00 - 18.00 h

Rajko's Cave

Rajko's Cave

The cave is open for visits every day at 11.00 and 13.00 h, with prior notice.

Ticket price:

300,00 din...


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