The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul


The Church of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul was built in the period from 1856 to 1858 by the Serbian government that brought experts and workers from abroad to work in the reconstructed mine. Creating conditions to bind them to Serbia and Orthodoxy, they started the construction of church, school, housing and mines in 1856.








The planning of the church was given to Uros Knezevic, a painter who decided on the so called „Swiss style“, popular in Europe at that time.  The church is dedicated to St. Apostles Peter and Paul, patron saints of Majdanpek miners. Due to that, these two Patron Saints of the Church and mines are celebrated even today, on 12th July, every year. This event is characterized by a great celebration of the whole town. 

Valja Prerast

Valja Prerast

Valja Prerast, natural stone bridge, under the protection of the state, represents a natural monument of great importance. It is located about 12km from Majdanpek.


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